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The Biggest Mistake Interview Candidates Make

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The one thing that people have in common who come to me for interviewee coaching is that they do not value the lessons that they have learnt through their experience. That experience may have been gained from previous roles, education or from participating in team events or other hobbies.

The true value of coming to me for coaching is the personalised approach that I take. At our first meeting we complete a deep dive into all that you have experienced to date. We look at the competencies and skills that you have acquired from those experiences.

If at this stage you have identified a role that you would like to apply for I will examine the job description and the job specification for the chosen role.

At the end of our first meeting, I will have gained valuable insight into your abilities and so we begin preparing for our second meeting. I will explain the framework that you need to use to answer competency-based questions or standard questions depending on the requirements for the position.

The second meeting will be a mock interview where I will ask you the questions based on the information from the job description and the job specification. As we go through these questions, I will stop you as we go along assisting you to rephrase questions so that you are showcasing all your experience, skills and competencies.

The third meeting is a second mock interview where you are asked the same questions again. This interview is allowed to flow and you are given the feedback at the very end. At this stage you will be confident in how to answer the questions.

On the morning of the interview I will call or Zoom to check in on you. If the interview is being done via Video Conference we will check lighting sound and your surroundings.

This process is personalised to ensure that you are fully prepared for the interview and have a greater understanding of why you are being asked the questions you are being asked.

If you'd like to speak to Gillian about your career path, get in touch on

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